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Code: SWTSA/21/0014 Kingsbridge Research School Series

Session 1: Exploring EEF Feedback and Guidance Report This workshop will explore the headline recommendations from the EEF’s new Feedback guidance report (published in June 2021) and will also look at how schools can ensure the guidance is given the best chance of success by using a thorough implementation process. Session 2: Exploring EEF SEN in Mainstream School Guidance Report The EEF Guidance report offers five evidence-based recommendations to support pupils with SEND, providing a starting point for schools to review their current approach. The overriding message from the report is positive. It is tempting to talk about the challenge of SEND as a specific and distinct issue. Yet, far from creating new programmes, the evidence tells us that teachers should instead prioritise familiar but powerful strategies, like scaffolding and explicit instruction, to support their pupils with SEND. Session 3: Using Assessment to Further Learning Diagnostic assessment provides opportunities to reflect on pupils’ thinking, strengths, and weaknesses. It can give useful insights into pupil learning. When used effectively, diagnostic assessments can indicate areas for development with individual pupils or across classes and year groups. This session we will explore the principles of assessment, as well as some accessible diagnostic assessment strategies.

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 24 September 2021 09:00 - 10:30 Online Delivery Map
2 19 November 2021 09:00 - 10:30 Online Delivery Map
3 11 March 2022 09:00 - 10:30 Online Delivery Map

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