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Unlocking the TA Toolkit Programme 2022-23 (Primary phase)

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Torbay TSA
Oldway Primary School, Higher Polsham Road
Event Tutors
Andy Brumby, Chris Wearing, Danny Brown, Dee Passenger, Freya Morrissey, Jon Eaton, Lisa Toms, Natasha Rose, Zoe Milligan
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Target Audiences
Teaching Assistants
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Long course
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Event description
Unlocking the TA Toolkit is a comprehensive programme which is supported by EEF evidence and aimed at TAs from across the region. From the outset, this programme will engage school leaders and focus on the deployment of TAs and what effective and ineffective practice looks like, ensuring that our approach is in line with the EEF’s Making the Best Use of Teaching Assistants guidance report. 

By the end of this programme, leaders and TAs will have gained an understanding of what the evidence says about TA practice and, in particular, how they can make best use of the EEF’s scaffolding framework to support by ‘giving the least help first’. They will work with experts in their field, focusing on an inclusive approach, promoting positive behaviour and effective questioning.

The reflective nature of this programme will provide opportunities for TAs to reflect on their own practice using the EEF’s RAG rating tool and to rehearse techniques that allow them to unlock the full potential of the scaffolding framework.

SESSION 1: Key TA deployment messages for Heads and senior leaders
This opening session of the programme is targeted at heads and school leaders and will provide a strategic overview which will support leaders in deploying and preparing TAs effectively, both in the classroom and in intervention settings.

SESSION 2: Introduction to ‘Unlocking the TA Toolkit’
Participants will be shown recommendation 3 of the MBUTA guidance report and have an opportunity to reflect on its implications for their role and current practice.  They will be introduced to the EEF’s scaffolding framework for teaching assistant-pupil interactions and use it to reflect on their own interactions with pupils.  They will have opportunities to reflect on effective & ineffective practice and be provided with a RAG rating tool to evaluate their own individual strengths and areas for development.

Finally, they will learn what is required to complete the first gap task – e.g. TAs to video themselves working with a pupil/small group of pupils & bring the clip to the next session.

SESSION 3: What does effective and ineffective practice look like?

SESSION 4: Metacognition

SESSION 5: An inclusive approach

SESSION 6: Promoting Positive Behaviour

SESSION 7: Focusing on Literacy

SESSION 8: Quality Questioning

SESSION 9: Lunch & Presentations

Training objectives
To explore evidence around the impact of TAs and how this has been summarised into actionable recommendations
To reflect upon - and begin to review - the effectiveness of our current practice in relation to deployment and preparation of TAs  

To consider how to go about implementing change in ways that are more likely to result in embedded improvement 
To understand how the EEF’s scaffolding framework can support effective TA-pupil interactions by helping to develop pupils; independent learning skills 
Learning outcomes
Additional Information
Start Date
Wednesday 11 January 2023
End Date
Wednesday 15 March 2023
Closing Date
Friday 6 January 2023
09:30 - 12:00
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