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Sustainability in primary geography - from Food Miles to Fair Trade

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Andy Brumby
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Sustainability is a process in which people consider the effect of their own individual and collective actions on other people, living things and the environment and how beneficial it is now and in the longer term.” Geographical

Led by humanities specialist, Andy Brumby, this one-day course will explore the three big ideas which interlock when thinking about sustainability:

* Social well-being – happy and healthy families and communities.

* Economic well-being – having the means to access basic needs such as shelter, food, heating, medical care and education.

* Environmental well-being – healthy eco-systems and diverse flora and fauna.

During the day delegates will consider the implications of these ‘three pillars’ for the geography curriculum, reflecting on how each of them can be woven into geography teaching and learning in the classroom.
Training objectives
Delegates will:

* Explore definitions of sustainability and work towards developing a shared understanding of the term

* Think about what is going on already in our schools to promote sustainability (in geography and beyond)

Delegates will also think about how they can:

* Build in opportunities for pupils to discuss the quality of life here and in distant places, e.g. family, friends, housing, jobs, health or emotional well-being

* Provide opportunities for pupils to discuss the link between money and well-being when studying jobs and industry: e.g. the importance of Fair Trade to farmers

* Help children to make connections between human actions and environmental impacts; e.g. use of products which result in deforestation (negative) or use of recyclable materials (positive)
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Start Date
Wednesday 19 January 2022
End Date
Wednesday 19 January 2022
Closing Date
Tuesday 18 January 2022
10:00 - 16:00
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